The Global Play Brigade (GPB) has emerged in response to the global pandemic that is affecting all of humanity. We are artists/performers/therapists/educators who come out of the growing social movement of performance activism. We believe that integrating and utilizing play, impro, clown, theater and therapeutics into everyday life is a vital methodology for creating hope, possibility, emotional well-being and development. This current human crisis is unleashing a surge of human creativity and connection that has always been there but was hidden or suppressed—and now, out of necessity, it’s seeing the light of day in beautiful expressions across the globe.

The Global Play Brigade supports and builds with this creative human surge in order to serve, to create the “viable unheard of” and to build a global community for change. What kind of change? An end to poverty and all forms of discrimination. Equitable access economically, socially, educationally, culturally. People’s democracy. Saving our planet. And, like performance activists the world over, we understand that an integral part of building a community that can make change means we must play, improvise and perform; developing our human ability and need to be creative, to love, laugh, cry, be socially connected, grow and be happy.

We’re not closing shop when this crisis is over. We aim to create well beyond the here and now; to improvise, imagine, and fight for a new world.

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The Global Play Brigade is a collective of play and performance activists volunteering our time and talents to bring people together to grow, play and connect as we go through this frightening time.

Events and workshops will be offered in many countries, languages and time zones.

Meet new people. Bring a friend. Carve out some time to play, and talk and listen with others.

We’re not just waiting for this pandemic to be over. Let’s support each other to try new things and to: 

  • Grow. 
  • Help each other. 
  • Just have fun and feel better.

We all need this… now more than ever!


Coming June 1!


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